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His eyes go beyond appearance
The Oregonian, September 4, 2006
Fred Harwin's creations can't restore vision, but they do restore self-confidence

Eye guy’s story gets play at Sundance
Portland Tribune, January 24, 2003
Portland filmmaker Vance Malone is having his moment in the sun — the Sundance Film Festival, that is.

The acrylic eyes of Frederic Harwin
Northwest: The Sunday Oregonian, December 11, 1983
Harwin has two goals: Optimal comfort and cosmetic appearance. The first will come from technical proficiency born of experience, the second from the same innate talent and mastery of medium required of any painter putting brush to canvas.

Creating the Illusion of a Dilating Pupil
Journal of Ophthalmic Prosthetics
One of the more challenging aspects of creating a realistic ocular prosthesis is a need for a pupil that appears to respond to changes in available light sources. Although there have been attempts to provide changes in pupil size by chemical, mechanical, and electronic means, in general these attempts have proved to be unsuccessful. I have developed a technique to give the illusion of pupil differentiation and thereby create a more natural looking prosthesis.

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