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In a review of Volume I [Manual of Cardiac Surgery] by the doggedly critical New England Journal of Medicine, this praise was accorded Harwin: "The book is blessed with a medical illustrator who is not content with the watchful passivity of a photographer. He obviously shares with his surgical co-authors the 'continuing ability to create and accommodate."
Communication Arts

The illustrative diagrams of the techniques of distal and proximal coronary artery by-pass graft procedures are clearly presented and easy to comprehend. Anatomic relationships as seen by the operating surgeon are clearly portrayed.
Annals of Surgery

"An author, a teacher, an artist and a scientist - but above all a man of vision; a visual communicator."
Airbrush Digest

New artistic visions are lost unless they are executed with more than average skills. New visions need masters to bring them to fruition. In creating the art of the Manual of Cardiac Surgery, Harwin has demonstrated that he belongs in the category of master. from
Airbrush Digest

"The art work maintains the high level of quality established in volume 1, and the details of the various surgical techniques are clearly illustrated with multiple colored illustrations. By employing a skillful see-through technique, the artist helps the reader to visualize, when appropriate, the proximity of important adjacent structures to the operative area, thereby adding significantly to the teaching value of the manual."
Lahey Clinic Foundation Bulletin

"To explain each surgical procedure, the illustrator has used carefully conceived and superbly executed full-color illustrations, presented from the operating surgeonís perspective. The result of the collaboration between the text authors and the medial illustrator is a complete and very interesting text which will prove useful to all persons caring for cardiac surgical patients."
International Surgery

"Yet the artwork surpasses the text and, in many chapters, is so good that it could stand alone as an atlas - even if one could not read. The subtly colored drawings are remarkably clear - so clear that I wish life could more adequately imitate Harwinís art and render pathological anatomy as easily understood as these drawings."
Practical Cardiology

"Once again, Mr. Fredric Harwin, the coauthor and illustrator of this volume needs to be congratulated for the superb and excellent illustrations. These have made the task of understanding the technique very easy."
Indian Journal of Radiology

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