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Teaching & Academic Events

Fred is highly active in his various fields and has undertaken several teaching & academic events.

Current & Past Events

  Event Date Location Description
  Event 2012-11-09 - 2012-11-13 Chicago, Illinois Fred to attend American Society of Ocularists 2012 Annual Meeting


Details Lecture 2012-04-21 - 2012-04-26 Phoenix, Arizona Attended Sprint 2012 American Society of Ocularists meeting and presented several lectures.
Details Event 2011-07-22 - 2011-07-24 John's Hopkins - Baltimore, Maryland Celebrating 100 Years: Teaching Excellence in Medical Illustration
  Course 2010-10-16 - 2010-10-20 American Society of Ocularists Convention (Chicago, IL) "Painting an Ocular Prosthesis"
  Lecture 2010-05-22 - 2010-05-26 American Society of Ocularists Convention (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) Topic: "The Apprentice"
  Lecture 2010-04-08 - 2010-04-08 Pacific University College of Optometry Topic: Applied Ocular Therapeutics
  Site visit 2010-03-18 - 2010-03-18 Portland, Oregon Portland Community College - Ophthalmic Medical Technicians
  Exhibitor 2010-03-12 - 2010-03-13 Portland, Oregon Oregon Academy of Opthalmology: Post Graduate Convention
  Lecture 2009-05-22 - 2009-05-27 American Society of Ocularist Creating a Realistic Looking sclera
  Presentation 2009-04-09 Pacific University College of Optometry Applied Ocular Therapeutics
  Site visit & lecture 2009-03-19 PCC Opthalmic Medical Technology Students Students to Clinic
  Exhibition 2009-03-13 - 2009-03-14 Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology Post graduate convention
  Presentation 2008-04-30 Pacific University College of Optometry Applied Ocular Therapeutics
  Workshop 2008-04-30 American Society of Ocularists Color Theory Iris Painting for the Ocularist
  Presentation 2008-02-29 - 2008-03-01 OAO Convention Creating the illusion of a dilating pupil & advances in ocularistry
  Presentation 2008-02-14 Kaiser Permanente Nurses Inservice, what to expect after enucleation
  Project Donation 2008-01-28 Portland, Oregon Cascade Aids Project; Artwork donated
Details Workshop 2008-01-16 Guadalajara, Mexico Arlette Armador, MD; Painting Techniques

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